Visiting Scholar / Research Assistant / Postdoctoral

Xinfeng Quan

Visiting Scholar

Current unit: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Sichuan University

Doctoral School: University of Pittsburgh

Research direction: Piezoelectric organic molecules/organic salts

Birthplace: Xianyang, Shaanxi

Xinhao Hu

Research assistant

Undergraduate school: Sichuan University

School of Polymer Science and Engineering

Research direction: Polyphenols nano functional materials

Birthplace: Deyang, Sichuan

Xiaofeng Chen

Research assistant

Master’s School:

Beijing University of Chemical Technology/Chemistry

Research direction: Polydopamine structure and spectral adjustment

Birthplace: Sichuan Guang’an

Peng Yang

Research assistant

Master’s School: Sichuan University

School of Polymer Science and Engineering

Research direction: modification of artificial melanin

Birthplace: Kunming, Yunnan

Contact Us

The research team recruits several full-time postdoctoral/postdoctoral/research assistants throughout the year, and recruits graduate students who have been jointly trained in various forms.

At the same time, we welcome undergraduate students from various disciplines in Sichuan University, as well as undergraduates from other colleges in Chengdu to do their graduation thesis or use their spare time to engage in research projects. In addition, the research team has long-term and stable cooperative relations with many first-class scientific research units at home and abroad, and can provide necessary recommendation and assistance for the study group members to study abroad, exchange abroad and insurance research. Interested students are welcome to make direct contact with Teacher Li.