Zhipeng Gu, Associate Researcher

Sichuan University PhD

Currently a Associate Research Fellow, School of Polymer Science and Engineering, Sichuan University

Education and work experience

Work experience

2019.7 – present College of Polymer Science and Engineering, Sichuan University

Associate researcher

2016.8-2019.7 Associate Research Fellow, School of Biomedical Engineering, Zhongshan University

2014.7-2016.7 Postdoctoral fellow in Neurosurgery, Clinical Medical College, West China Hospital, Sichuan University (Instructor: Youchao)

Education background

2009.9-2014.6 Sichuan University Materials Science Doctor (Instructor: Tan Hong / Yu Xixun)

2005.9-2009.7 Sichuan University Polymer Materials and Engineering Bachelor

Mainly engaged in biomedical engineering professional research, the research mainly includes the synthetic design of functional polymers and its application in bone tissue engineering, wound repair and drug delivery. He has hosted 7 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Postdoctoral Fund, and the Shenzhen Basic Research Project, totaling 1.1 million. Published more than 30 SCI academic papers as a communication and first (including co-author) author; including Acta Biomatrialia, ACS Applied Materials & Interface, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, Biomaterials Science, Materials Science and Engineering C, etc. The internationally renowned journals within the profession; the cumulative impact factor exceeds 150; the total citation is 1049 times, the single citation is up to 83 times, and the h index is 18. Apply for 10 invention patents and authorize one.

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The research team recruits several full-time postdoctoral/postdoctoral/research assistants throughout the year, and recruits graduate students who have been jointly trained in various forms. At the same time, we welcome undergraduate students from various disciplines in Sichuan University, as well as undergraduates from other colleges in Chengdu to do their graduation thesis or use their spare time to engage in research projects.